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For cities such as Ordino, our system provides internal information. This data not only gives you the postal code but also offers a wealth of additional details about the location.

Country: Andorra
Country Code: AD

Latitude: 42.6 Longitude: 1.55

Here you can find queries via an API: This user data may not be available for all locations. Please note that the data may not be 100% accurate as it is extracted based on coordinates.

Hamlet: les Salines
Village: el Serrat
Municipality: Ordino
ISO3166-2-lvl7: AD-05
Postcode: AD300
Country: Principat d'Andorra
Country_code: ad

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Information about zip/postal codes

Zip codes are an essential element in the global postal system. They are used to efficiently and accurately transport letters and packages to their destination. Each country has developed its own method of assigning zip codes to facilitate the delivery of postal items.

For example, the zip code AD300 corresponds to Ordino, a city in AD. This combination of numbers allows for precise identification and speedy delivery of postal items within the country.

This numerical combination is specific to Ordino and sets it apart from other places in AD. Zip codes like AD300 are crucial in ensuring that letters and packages reach their intended location.

Throughout the world, similar systems exist that use zip codes or their equivalents to optimize the logistics and distribution of postal items. Regardless of the region or country, zip codes play a significant role in ensuring smooth and efficient postal delivery worldwide.

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