How to send parcels correctly

In this guide we would like to explain you exactly how to pack your packages correctly.
Because if your goods are not optimally protected, they can be damaged during shipment. 85% of parcel service providers’ insurances reject the damage due to a lack of packaging and the sender is usually left with the costs. To save you the trouble you will find here numerous tips to avoid these problems.

Before you pack your shipment, the essential facts must be clarified.

Is the content heavy or light? Because the choice of packaging depends on it.
Is the surface highly sensitive? Then you should be protected with appropriate materials such as bubble wrap or tissue paper.
Is the content fragile? Then the inside of the cardboard must be sufficiently padded with e.g. cardboard shredder.
Is it one part or are there several individual parts you would like to send? If there are several pieces, make sure to separate the individual products, e.g. with tissue paper or corrugated cardboard.

3 steps to the right packaging

Step 1: The right packaging
Shocks, pressure and moisture are the most frequent sources of danger when shipping packages. The stronger and stronger the carton is, the safer the contents are protected.
An outer packaging must protect the goods against you and the outside. The packaging should therefore always be adapted to the respective contents. We recommend using 2 corrugated cardboard boxes with a content of more than 5 kg.

Our next tip: Don’t save on packaging, you’re saving at the wrong end here!

Step 2: protecting and padding
Upholster your goods adequately with bubble wrap which is the real challenge lurking inside the package, where the goods must be additionally protected against loads. That’s why you protect the goods on all sides.
It must be ensured that the contents of the shipment are not damaged in the event of a strong braking or a fall, therefore all cavities must be filled in and slipping of the goods in the package must be largely ruled out. Most parcel service providers say: “The goods must be able to withstand a fall of 80 cm in height. 😀

Our tip: soft pads for light products, hard pads for heavy products !

Step 3: Sealing packages
The last and also a very important step is the right packing tape. Here the selection is correspondingly large. Adhesive strength and tear resistance play an important role. But colour is also a decision criterion for many people. Do not necessarily buy the cheapest packing tape on the market.
With the packing tape it is to be paid attention that the strength and adhesive property is good, which is decisive for the sealing security. The right packing tape strengthens the carton material and thus increases transport safety.

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