Postal Codes from Iraq

Here you can find all Postal Codes of Iraq. All Postal Codes were determined by manual Research and are offered to You free of charge.

Postal Code Iraq (العراق)

Al Basrah Governorate (محافظةالبصرة)
Al Anbar Governorate (الأنبار)
Al Muthanna Governorate (المثنى)
Al Najaf Governorate (النجف)
Al Qādisiyyah Governorate (القادسية)
Al Sulaymaniyah Governorate (السليمانية)
Kirkuk Governorate (كركوك)
Erbil Governorate (أربيل)
Babil Governorate (بابل)

Baghdad Governorate – Capital of Iraq (بغداد)
Dohuk Governorate (دهوك)
Diyala Governorate (ديالى)
Karbala Governorate (كربلاء)
Maysan Governorate (ميسان)
Mosul Governorate / Nainawa Governorate (نينوى)
Salah Al Deen Governorate (صلاح الدين)
Dhi Qar Governorate (ذي قار)
Wasit Governorate (واسط)

About Iraq

Iraq belongs to the Orient. The cultural area of the Orient usually includes countries of North Africa and Southwest Asia. They are mainly located in the area of the subtropical dry belt of the “Old World”.
In the northeast there is an approximately 3000 m high mountain range from the foothills of the Taurus Mountains and the Zagros’. This chain belongs to the alpine mountain range, which extends from the Balkan Mountains eastwards to Turkey, northern Iraq and Iran and then on to Afghanistan. The highest mountain is Cheekha Dar with 3611 m height.

With around 38 million inhabitants, Iraq is one of the five largest countries in the Arab world. Its capital and largest city is the metropolis of Baghdad, other cities with over a million inhabitants include Basra, Mossul, Erbil, Sulaimaniya, Najaf, Kirkuk and Karbela. As a result of the refugee movements in the 20th and 21st centuries, the country underwent rapid urbanisation. Iraq ranks fourth in the world list of the countries with the most natural resources, its economy is based mainly on oil exports and to a lesser extent on agriculture.

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