Postal Codes from Kirkuk Governorate

Here you can find all Postal Codes of Kirkuk Governorate. All Postal Codes were determined by manual Research and are offered to You free of charge.

Postal Code Kirkuk Governorate (كركوك)

Kirkuk 36001 (كركوك)
Al Riyadh 36002 (الرياض)
Lilan 36003 (ليلان)
Khalid Bin Al Waleed 36004 (خالد)
Al Rashad 36005 (الرشاد)
Taza Khormatoo 36006 (تازة خرماتو)
Al Haweejah 36007 (الحويجة)

Daquq 36008 (داقوق)
Al Zab 36009 (الزاب)
Debiss 36010 (دبس)
Al Abassi 36011 (العباسي)
Al Hay Al Sena ye 36012 (الحي الصناعي)
Al Hay Al Wasity 36013 (الحي الواسطي)
Al Hay Al Askary 36014 (الحي العسكري)
Elton Kubri 36015 (التون كوبري)

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