Postal Codes from Saudi Arabia

Here you can find all Postal Codes of Saudi Arabia. All Postal Codes were determined by manual Research and are offered to You free of charge.

Postal Code Saudi Arabia (السعودية)

Jeddah 21577
Makkah 21514
Madinah 20012
Dammam 31433
Khobar 31952
Taif 21431

Tabuk 50060
Qassim, Buraidah 51431
Khamis 61961
Najran 61441
Sakaka 75471
Yanbu 30799
Riyadh 11564

About Saudi Arabia

The Arabian Peninsula consists mainly of an extensive highland. To the west, the plateau forms a steep ridge that runs parallel to the Red Sea coast. In the northwest there is practically no coastal plain. The highest peaks are in the southwest in the Asir Mountains. The highest mountain is the Dschabal Sauda with 3133 meters height.

To the east of the cliffs, the inhospitable highlands gradually drop to the shallow waters of the Persian Gulf, whose coast is lined with swamps and salt flats. The highlands consist mainly of a wide sandy desert and areas of bare volcanic rock. A broad strip of desert, “the empty quarter” Rub al-Chali, stretches across the entire south of the country.

Two of the three holiest sites of Islam, the Kaaba in Mecca and the Prophet Mosque in Medina, are located in Saudi Arabia. The country has existed within its present borders since 1932, absolutism as a form of government was enshrined in the basic order of 1992. Capital and largest city of the country is Riyadh, the second largest is the port city Jeddah.

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